Julie and Jenni VolunteersVineyard Community Services exists because of the dedicated and hard working volunteers that function at every role level within our organization. Because of them we can serve the needs of our communities at the highest levels.

How can I get started?
For new volunteers we provide two options:

a.)  Complete the following form and our Volunteer Coordinator will schedule your first visit:


b.)  “Try it out”, this option is where a new person can come to the food shelf and shadow another volunteer in performing a role. This is a one-time step to help the volunteer to understand the various roles and requirements by experiencing it. Afterwards they would follow our normal getting started process that is described as follows:

All volunteers should be handed the current Volunteers “Packet” (these are color coded and found in the Volunteer Center. You can also download into a new window the pdf version by clicking here. The Packet includes the following pages from our Volunteer’s manual:

  • “A Final Word” and “Please Update Us” pages,
  • Grievance and Confrontations Policy, and
  • Civil Rights sections.

The new volunteer must complete and sign the “A Final Word” and “Please Update Us” forms. Once completed, these forms are to be handed to the on-duty Team Leader who will place the form into the Volunteer Coordinator’s bin/basket on the Volunteers Center.

Note: The new volunteer is stating by completing the A Final Word form, that they understand the FOTV policies, procedures and are willingly to be a part of the ministry.

The new volunteer’s database record must be setup on our FOTV system. The on-duty team leader will guide the new volunteer to this screen on the laptop located in the volunteer center. All required fields must be completed; our goal is to communicate with our volunteers by email, Facebook and our website. The on-duty Team Leader will review and submit the new user account for activation. This must be completed before a volunteer can continue to as a regular volunteer. The system will print a name tag label to apply to the new volunteer’s shirt which is required for all volunteers to wear.

Note: a name tag or lanyard with the volunteer’s name must be worn during volunteer times.
Note: children volunteers with their parent/guardian do not need to be entered into the volunteer system, but need to hand write a label and apply to their shirt.

The Volunteer Coordinator will communicate back to the volunteer his/her training and orientation date, time and contact person. These sessions will be held on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Saturday of every month; or by appointment on Wednesday night and week days. After completion of the orientation the new volunteer will receive a copy of the current Volunteers Manual and the Volunteer Coordinator will place the new volunteer on the schedule and communicate to the new volunteer.

Note: All new volunteers must go through an orientation before starting on a regular schedule.