Tear Drop Ministries

TheSource-55One of the many groups that Vineyard Community Services partners with is Tear Drop Ministries.

“The​ mission of Tear Drop Ministries is to provide home cooked meals to the homeless and to people in need. Every person is served regardless of their past and/or present actions and each person is treated with dignity, love, and respect.

Every Tuesday evening in the Spring, Summer, and Fall months, a big barbeque meal is prepared for our friends … winters, we serve on Sundays.

​In ​addition to providing food, we also bring down clothing, blankets, jackets, backpacks, and hygiene items to be passed out. We sometimes are able to take requests from our friends who need specific items such as tents or bicycles.

When our friends move into permanent housing, its house warming time with a tote filled with plates, silverware, cups, utensils, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. Larger items are harder to provide, but our friends know if they truly need something, they only have to ask.

Behind the scenes, Tear Drop does weekly meal planning, food pickups, meal preparation, and gathering clothes and hygiene items to pass out. On occasion we throw baby showers, birthday parties, and onetime we even held a wedding.

Tear Drop Ministries believes we are all God’s children and we all deserve love and compassion … it’s all about the people … our reward is to see the look on their faces when they know we truly care about them.”     Todd & Terri Reagles

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