Start A Food Drive

The Fruit of the Vine Food Shelf Food & Fund Drives place the power to make a meaningful difference in the fight against hunger directly in your hands. The efforts of everyone involved in these events makes a huge difference in the amount and variety of foods we’re able to distribute. To review the Fruit of the Vine Food Drive Guidelines click here.

Get Involved!FoodDrive

Anyone can host a Food & Fund Drive.

Each drive can be custom-made to fit your organization’s abilities, whether you’re a large corporation, small church group or a private family.

You set the goal and the duration. You provide the location and imagination. The Fruit of the Vine supplies everything else you need to help feed our hungry neighbors today.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Hold a raffle for an executive parking spot for a day, free lunch, or sporting tickets.
  • Everyone loves an auction, especially if the prizes are fun. Auction extra days off or the chance to throw a cream-pie at the boss’s face!
  • Post flyers around the office.
  • Can you attach materials to paychecks?
  • Can you insert something in your office newsletter?
  • Keep your coworkers focused on the mission – ending hunger through community partnerships.
  • Food sculpture contest – Teams build sculptures out of their donated food products. Have you ever seen a Sasquatch made from cereal or a giant tower made from mac ‘n cheese? This might be your chance.
  • Walk-a-thon – Entrants can solicit sponsors. The more miles walked, the more donations go in your box.
  • Hold a contest between working groups. The largest donation amount by a floor or department wins everyone an extra personal day. Or, if you can find another office outside your company to compete against, the real fun begins.
  • Guitar Hero, Wii sports, relay races, and more. Have entrants pay a fee to participate and get competitive for a good cause.
  • Hold a cook-off where people pay to taste barbecue, chili, or lasagna.
  • Stage a dance competition, karaoke sing-off, or a hula-hoop contest.
  • Jeans Day – Anyone donating a certain amount of Food or Funds can wear their Wranglers to the office.
  • Hold a bake sale, ice cream sale, or root beer float sale. Or a book sale, craft sale or plant sale.
  • Assemble and sell an office cookbook.
  • Set up a roving espresso and treat cart.
  • Sponsor a carnival – Three words: Executive dunk tank.
  • Collect your weight in food – Calculate the total weight of your group and challenge yourselves to raise an equivalent amount in food donations! Or, for folks looking to drop a few pounds, challenge each person to donate a dollar or a pound of food for each pound they lose.
  • Declare a tacky costumes/nostalgic fashions day – people can either pay to dress up orfor the right not to dress up.
  • Ask guests to bring food donations to your wedding reception.
  • Ask guests to bring food donations to your graduation party.