Nutrition Education and Preparation

The Fruit of the Vine has set a nutrition’s goal of distributing food products with an aggregate nutritional assessed value of 75% based on the 2011 nutrition’s valuation chart provided by the Twin Cities Hunger Initiative and the University of Minnesota Extension (Click here).

To achieve this target Natalie Kemp has joined the leadership team at FOTV as our Nutrition’s consultant and will assist us in developing healthy choices in our food products, coordinate with our community garden initiatives and provide education and training to our Neighbors and volunteer organizations.

Our Nutrition goals are:

  • Increase our food distribution nutrition value and quality of foods.
  • Improve independent living skills such as meal planning, cooking, food budgeting and shopping by teaching our neighbors how to plan, shop and prepare healthy foods.
  • Prepare healthy meals by providing information and ideas for fresh and flavorful low-cost meals.
  • to assist seniors to remain independent by providing food safety and nutrition information as well as demonstrate new nutritious meals and plans.
  • to assist our neighbors to plan for family meal times and fun family activities by providing education and training on quick and easy and fun ways to prepare great tasting and healthy meals.

See Natalie’s Corner blog for news, activities and recipe ideas!