vol pic (1)Vineyard Community Services welcomes individuals, families, corporate groups, church small groups and ministry/service partners to volunteer with us. We have a wide range of opportunities for volunteers – including packaging, registration, stocking, cart pushing, as well as helping us educate others about what they can do to help fight hunger.

There are many different aspects to our Food Pantry and each is equally important! You have the option of being on a schedule or showing up when you are available.

Before we elaborate the various roles and requirements, we have found it necessary to list several requirements to volunteering at the Fruit of the Vine:

  • Must be 16 years or older, otherwise you must be supervised by a parent or guardian
  • Must be willing to work as a team member with other volunteer’s and leaders

The following is a summary of the various job positions:fotv 1-3-12 055

  • Administration – There is a ton of “behind the scenes” work that happens each week that allows Fruit of The Vine to thrive. It makes sense that if we didn’t have the correct materials; Fruit of The Vine just wouldn’t be the same! This volunteer(s) is involved with the management of the monthly statistics and reporting as well as the office supplies and weekly purchases. In addition we would like the Administration volunteers to maintain the quarterly FOTV Newsletter, including gathering testimonies and articles.
  • Hospitality– As a member of the Hospitality Team, you have the privilege of creating a welcoming and friendly environment where people can feel loved and accepted. The role of Hospitality Team is broken into three functions: Hospitality Counter, Hospitality Ministry and Hospitality Greeter.
  • Coffee Counter – Ministers to our Neighbors from the coffee bar located in the lobby.
  • Greeters – Maintains the flow of our Neighbors and ministers to the needs of our Neighbors from their lobby station.
  • Ministry – Greet our Neighbors and build relations being a “light” unto the world. These volunteers may spend time praying with the Neighbors and listening.
  • Prayer Station – Provides Spiritual food to our neighbors by assisting with the Prayer Request or Prayers Answered boxes as well as praying for them.
  • Intake Registration – Coming to a Food Pantry, especially for the first time, can be really daunting and scary! The goal of the Registration team is to be the first friendly face that people see. You have the opportunity to show love in a real and practical way by loving those that are dearest to God’s heart.
  • Pantry and Packaging – The goal of the packaging operation is to efficiently and expeditiously prepare the guest food orders and deliver them to the guest.fotv 1-3-12 070

Pantry room

  • Dry Goods position – responsible for bagging canned goods.
  • Meat Packaging position – responsible to package meats based on family size in a paper bag.
  • Dairy packaging – responsible to prepare meat and dairy bag.
  • Weighing and Pantry Room Coordinator – responsible to Load and weigh the meats and dairy bag after digital scale order processing into our automated system.

Packaging room (Family Room)DRL_0997

  • Produce Volunteer is responsible to evenly distribute the fresh produce into the bags available for distribution.
  • Breads Volunteer is responsible to evenly distribute the breads received into plastic bags. He/she should prepare 200 bags of breads. This volunteer must balance the packaging of breads to meet our anticipated needs for the day.
  • Cart Pushers – Load carts through the packaging cycle, locates the guest and delivers the food distribution to their car.

Weekly Team Leader – The goal of Team Leader is to provide the leadership for the people who serve, are served, and protect the building during the Food Pantry hours. As the SMVC FOTV Leadership representative the Weekend Tem Leader will make sure that everyone feels safe, operations flow smoothly and the FOTV vision and values are pursued.


Volunteer Coordinator – The goal of the Volunteer Coordinator is to administrate the volunteers of FOTV Food Pantry and provide job assignment and training support to the ministry.

If you would like to serve as able click here, or have any questions about any of these roles, please complete the e-Form and submit to our Administrator and Volunteer Coordinator. Otherwise, you can contact our office by phone (952) 595-5980 or contact us by email with your questions at volunteer@vcsmn.org.